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our mission and vision
The Santa Clara Valley Chamber of Commerce recently recognized Harry L. Murphy, Inc. as the longest running, privately held company in the area. It is imperative that we develop a solid growth plan beyond standard commercial flooring to ensure our future. As a company, we do not strive to be the first in a new market segment or to offer a new service. It is our goal instead to move into proven business services that align with our foundation and satisfy our clients' needs.
Among the market segments in which we are investing our retail, corporate, and education. A revenue model has been developed for this service, and we recognize there is a long learning curve. Even so, we are stepping up our efforts here and believe the effort will be rewarded. The company is also exploring other opportunities, such as floor care, ceramics, and window coverings. At Harry L. Murphy, Inc., we believe our current team is the strongest we have ever had. We believe that we can challenge them to learn new technical skills. We want to continue supporting their current business while expanding their skills for upcoming services as well.