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Since 1947
Harry L. Murphy, Inc. offers a wide variety of services to address a wide range of flooring-related concerns. Throughout the commercial flooring industry, we provide services to all segments. To name a few, our customers include IBM, Lockheed, Apple, Nvidia, Genentech, Kaiser Hospitals, Stanford Hospital, Stanford University, and other local universities, K-12 local school districts, the City of San Jose, and the County of Santa Clara. To boost referral business and stimulate repeat business from equity customers, we feel that the quality of our work is our strongest marketing tool. As always, we promise to provide the highest level of service on your floor. Our happiness depends on yours!
01Design AssistWe have a dedicated team of technical designers who are ready to collaborate with you on creating a custom flooring solution for your project.
02Value EngineeringOur goal is to provide all interested parties with a way to arrive at the most efficient floor coating design for the lowest cost possible while providing the owner with optimum flooring performance
03Project ManagementWith over 75 years of experience, our professional Project Managers are here to help you with everything from product selection to the implementation of your floor covering.
04Furnish & InstallYou can rely on our installation services to make your floor look its best. Our installation services go beyond helping you select the perfect flooring for your place.
Easy & Fast with our progress
We at Harry L. Murphy, Inc. offer a unique
toapproach the commercial flooring market.
Residential and commercial projects can benefit from our wide range of high-quality green flooring solutions.
The design process begins with scanning the substrate of the material you are replicating.
Our team at Harry L Murphy Inc is dedicated to executing your project on time and within budget.
We use a combination of technology and space for the Handover, which is a critical part of our end-to-end process.
Loved by Our Clients
The company is great to work with. Their expertise lies in the installation of a wide variety of flooring products. Using a combination of dyes and stains, they were able to create the exact color that we had in mind. The work was very well done and I would definitely recommend them to all commercial partners.
Edison Cavani
Working with the company is a pleasure. Their area of specialty is the installation of numerous flooring products. They were able to achieve the precise shade we were looking for by combining dyes and stains. The work was extremely nicely done, and I would without a doubt suggest them to all business colleagues.
Stevie Hoang